In the Spring of 2017 Bradley Dorsey had a heart-breaking experience when his wife took his five kids and moved to Colorado claiming abuse. Wrongfully accused, separated from his family and heartbroken, Bradley begin to search for answers. Bradley’s search uncovered a document that would serve as a “lightbulb moment” that would lead him to become “the petitioner” using the Protection Order Document as a template for his prayers.

The Petitioner is a film based on true events that will give believers a powerful metaphor to pray during difficult times.

The Petitioner boasts a very talented creative team with a powerful story that will resonate with Faith-Based Audiences and the support of Pure Flix we believe this film has the potential to do extremely well in the box office.

By investing in The Petitioner, you become an Executive Producer and part of a very exciting project. Given current economic conditions and the state of independent film, the optimal budget for a movie of this nature is $3M. To that end, The Petitioner is being produced by a single-project California limited liability company called “The Petitioner Movie, LLC” (TPM) under the Umbrella of White Door Media LLC. TPM is offering Individual “units” (or “shares”) in the LLC for $50,000 each and is also looking to supplement the budget with the Louisiana 40% tax rebate program, corporate product integration, and a donation campaign.

Executive Producer Perks:
*Name listed as an EP in the credits and IMDb
*Visit or stay on set during the duration of filming.
*Be in the movie! We will make it possible for you or someone from your family to make an appearance in the film.
*We encourage you to utilize your partnerships with brands, individuals or other companies and help us in our strategic efforts. *Walk the red carpet. Join us for the festival showings!
*Be involved in future projects we have in development.

Amount of Offering


Price Per Unit





Below is a list of similar movies (faith based movies that dealt with marriage and prayer) with similar budgets that performed exceedingly well in the Box Office.

I Can Only Imagine (2018)
Budget: $4M
Gross Worldwide: $83M

War Room (2015)
Budget: $3M
Worldwide Gross: $67M

God’s Not Dead (2014)
Budget: $2M
Gross Worldwide: $67M

Courageous (2011)
Budget: $2M
Gross Worldwide: $34M

Fireproof (2008)
Budget: $500K
Worldwide Gross: $33M